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Visio Putting Template (Arc Class 2)

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Check out our Guide To Selecting the Correct Template.

Visio Putting Template (Arc Class 2)

  • 3X Rewards Points

Check out our Guide To Selecting the Correct Template.

Mi Putting Template is a putting training aid designed to give you visual and kinaesthetic feedback on your putting stroke. The template will give you precise feedback on the trajectory of the sweet spot (which determines the path and strike) and the face angle (which is the primary variable that controls direction). The key technical components of the putting stroke.

Check out our Guide To Selecting the Correct Template.

Features & Benefits

The Science behind the Putting Template

The New Series of 5 templates represent the 5 most found arc “sizes”. These different “sizes” also account for the multiple inclined planes and radius combinations. E.g.: 2 players could have different planes but having a different radius also could result in them having the same arc and the same template.

It is commonly known that the putting stroke conceptually should resemble some form of an arc. An arc is part of a circle.

That arc or part of the circle is 3 dimensional. The trajectory of the sweet spot works up and inside on the backswing, back down and out in the downswing and then back up and in, on the forward swing.

Stroke Plane and Radius

The strength of the players arc (the size of that part of the circle) will be determined by the inclined plane that the circle lies on and the radius of the circle.

In golfing terms, the radius can be best viewed as the centre of the players rotation and the inclined plane is the angle that centre of rotation lies within/works along.

As you can appreciate, different players will create different centres of rotation and work them on different inclined planes. The template essentially represents what the arc would look like as a 2D projection along the ground.

The different templates represent the different inclined planes and radius typically created by the golfer.

  • New improved design
  • New material for improved durability
  • New visual and kinaesthetic feedback
  • New protective case included

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